Screen time: How to find a balance?

Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries around screen time?

Do you want your kids to enjoy the digital world–without forgetting how to hit the OFF switch?

Concerned about how you’ll handle your kids’ social media or cell phone use down the road?

Even though I’m pretty committed to avoiding screen time for my daughter (apart from a weekly family movie night we just started), I’m still worried about screen time as she gets older. It’s unavoidable. Heck, I’m not all that proud of my own screen time. So I’m going to check out an upcoming online series, called Parenting in the Digital Age.

It’s FREE. It starts tomorrow. I invite you to join me.

Susan Stiffelman, bestselling author and family therapist, is hosting. The list of speakers is pretty impressive. My favorites include Dr. Dan Siegel (of The Whole-Brain Child and “flipping your lid” fame), Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama, and inspirational TEDTalk speaker Simon Sinek (Start With Why). But one cool thing about these summits is discovering other folks you really dig.

Register here for free, and you’ll have 48-hour access to replays of the classes.

Stiffelman says we’ll learn:

• How to help kids develop healthy habits around tech use

• Why watching TV may be better than playing “educational” iPad games

• What research suggests about the impact of screen time on the developing brain

• Tips for encouraging kids to unplug…without a fight!

• How to negotiate with kids wanting cell phones & social media accounts

• How to tell if your youngster is using screen time to mask depression or anxiety

• Ways to help kids handle frustration if it’s hard to hit the OFF switch

And, of course, more.

See you there!

Here’s the lineup of speakers. We’ll get e-mails to check out each talk.

Tuesday, Feb. 23:
Dr. Dan Siegel
Rachel Macy Stafford
Levi Felix
William Powers
Cosette Rae

Wednesday, Feb. 24:
Rosalind Wiseman
Janelle Hoffman
Dr. Victoria Dunkley
Malika Chopra
Simon Sinek

Thursday, Feb 25
Byron Katie
Jim Weiss
Dr. Yalda Uhls
Alanis Morissette

Friday, Feb 26:
Glennon Doyle Melton
Drs. Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein
Dr. Delaney Ruston
Michelle Gale
Lisa Parker

Register now for Parenting in the Digital Age, Feb. 23-26.

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Written by

Tracy Cutchlow

Tracy is the author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science, a public speaker, and a creator of places to speak and be heard. Sign up for her newsletter here.

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