We, the parents of young children, bend the arc toward justice

When I was a kid, sometime after 4th grade, my sisters and I rode our bikes to the high school. It was the weekend, but a door was unlocked, so we went inside for a drink of water. The hallways were enticingly empty. I guess we surprised a security guard, because we came through a […]

Ways of living I don’t want to forget

Today I am feeling grateful. I live in Seattle, Washington, where on Feb. 29 one of the first U.S. Covid-19 cases was found, spreading within days to an assisted-living home a 5-minute walk from my house. That’s when my family started staying home, at the urging of my biotech-journalist husband. Our schools closed March 12. […]

Like a Mother + Ask for More + my audiobook on sale

I’m recently back from giving a workshop and keynote for the Walla Walla Early Learning Coalition. I loved sharing my ideas for how the business community can create far better support for new parents. And I loved giving childcare providers and teachers a simple way of interacting with kids that builds sincere self-confidence. ​Today I […]

Love is comin’ atcha

It was the first day of school for my daughter, after a chill month kicking around the house together without summer camps. As the school bus pulled away, a small glee arose in my heart. I thought, “I can go running!” I took off into a forested ravine, hopping down wooden stairs and racing down […]

To the men who can take on anything

The audience puts on blindfolds. Through the sound system, a man’s voice fills the room. Quietly: I had a very hard time shedding that person who’s invulnerable, who can take on anything, who can just, you know, grin and bear it. Did your father hit you? the therapist asks. Yes. Yes, I was abused. And is […]

A Mother’s Day call from Mount Everest

“It’s Sunday, May 13,” my husband said. “Happy Mother’s Day!” Actually, it was May 12 here in Seattle, but May 13 where he was: Base Camp on Mount Everest. So today, instead of smiling to morning whispers between him and our daughter about making me breakfast in bed, I was woken up at 6:54 a.m. by our daughter poking […]

Why kids throw a fit when screen time is up

Whenever the kids played video games, even a little bit, they’d wind up throwing chairs or hitting each other. Every week, psychiatrist Victoria Dunckley would get a similar report from the residential treatment center that employed her: the kids played video games, they got in a fight. “It was driving me crazy!” she said. She […]

‘I don’t love you anymore, mama’

My 5-year-old came over to my bedroom door with a paper heart she had colored in and cut out … and then cut in half. She taped the broken heart to my door. We had been wrestling over bedtime. I had tucked her in and she sang, “I’m going to follow yooou.” She hopped out of bed […]

Zero to Five is now in paperback!

My book is out in paperback today! Excited, I popped out of bed and asked my husband to snap these photos, without even doing my hair. How’s that for overcoming perfectionism! The paperback is a smaller, text-only version of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I’ve Learned So Far). […]

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