A Mother’s Day call from Mount Everest

“It’s Sunday, May 13,” my husband said. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Actually, it was May 12 here in Seattle, but May 13 where he was: Base Camp on Mount Everest.

Photo copyright Ben Jones, Alpine Ascents expedition leader

So today, instead of smiling to morning whispers between him and our daughter about making me breakfast in bed, I was woken up at 6:54 a.m. by our daughter poking me: “Can we read now? Mom! Can we read now?”

I’m still smiling, though, because of the sweet support I feel, even if my family isn’t all in one place. My husband called. (Cellphone service on Mount Everest–who knew?) A friend came by with a bouquet of flowers. Another texted. My 6-year-old made me a sweet card. “Happy Sunday,” I said, kissing her head. “I should be saying happy Sunday to YOU!” she said, eyes bright. (When did she get so grown?) We’ll have a sunny lakeside picnic with my mom, sisters, and friends this afternoon. I’ll chat with my mother-in-law.

I feel appreciated today. I feel appreciation for the wonderful mamas in my life. I hope that you have wonderful mamas in your life, too. And that you let them know.

Because we mamas are amazing, aren’t we?

I’m solo parenting for 10 weeks during my husband’s climb (see more here and here), which is something plenty of women do as a matter of course, far beyond 10 weeks. Amazing.

Whatever your situation, when you stop to think about it even for a minute, you’ve done absolutely incredible things for your child over the past year. Amazing.

Go ahead. Take that minute. Share with another person a few of the things you’ve done, the ways you’ve been, the strengths you’ve shown. The lovely cards and sentiments from others can be, if we’re honest, lacking specificity. Our kids and our partners don’t know everything we do. We could list all the things we can possibly think of and it still wouldn’t be a tenth of the awesomeness we’ve been this past year.

So take the time to speak, out loud, a few specifics. And then to do it for another mama–friend or stranger.

You’re amazing, mama. You deserve to feel like you’re on top of the world.


Copyright Betty Udesen / Pear Press
Written by

Tracy Cutchlow

Tracy is the author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science, a public speaker, and a creator of places to speak and be heard. Sign up for her newsletter here.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day call from Mount Everest

  1. Thank you Tracy for your sharing. I am in awe of Mount Everest and the challenge your husband took on. I am in awe of you as well. I loved reading your Mother’s Day experience and I could see your smiling face sharing the precious moments with your daughter and supporting your husband thousands of miles away. Your love and ever so present to the moment energy is so easily translated into your words on screen(paper). That alone inspired me so much that I canI sit here calmly typing my comment as my 12 yr old son growled at me because I have his phone in my possession and I would like to have a discussion on accessing his phone to download an app which will help him regulate his phone screen time. You reminded me of who we are and that we are capable of so much more. With love and appreciation for you and mammas all over the world. xoxo

    1. How beautiful, Donna. Reminding you of who you are: Yes! That calm presence is already inside you. <3

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