Zero to Five is now in paperback!

My book is out in paperback today!

Excited, I popped out of bed and asked my husband to snap these photos, without even doing my hair. How’s that for overcoming perfectionism!

The paperback is a smaller, text-only version of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I’ve Learned So Far).

No beautiful photographs, as you can see, but the same friendly design. It won’t lay open flat, but it will fit better on bookshelves. That pretty pink strip across the top says “International bestseller.” So amazing!

What’s inside the book

I talked last week with Dr. Mike of PediaCast, the pediatric podcast for parents. We hit on a lot of different topics in the book, along with the interesting studies behind them, so it’s a good overview.

Listen to our interview here.

Or peek inside on my fancy new book page.

Where to get a copy

Walmart Canada is one of the first buyers of the paperback, I’m stoked to say.
• It’s on Amazon, of course.
• It’s an audio book (listen to a bit of it here).
• The original full-color version is also at your local bookstore — or from me as an instant download.

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Tracy Cutchlow

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